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 What To Look For When Buying Sexy Lingerie

By Jovia D'Souza

Want to make your partner go gaga over you? Want to add some spice to your romantic life? Choosing the right set of lingerie will work wonders for your love life. Watch your partner's eyes light up in mischief and lust when he looks at you dressed like a sexy little cat. Apart from bringing back the magic in your lives, sexy lingerie can be a huge confidence booster for you as well, as it is the perfect chance for you to flaunt your hot body and take pride in shedding off those extra kilos. You will realize the perks of sweating it out at the gyms for months together, when you see your fabulous body in the mirror. So how do you choose the right lingerie for your body? Here are a few tips that can help you:

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5 Of the Worst Menswear Fashion Trends Ever

By A Luke


Menswear fashion trends change all the time, from bright, vivid patterns to simpler block colors, it's hard to keep up. However, not all of these trends have been the most visually pleasing, and some have been downright stupid. This article will cover the worst menswear fashion trends we have seen, from terrible 80's mistakes you would rather forget and modern day disasters that are best avoided.

The Worst Shoe Ever
Crocs exploded in popularity somewhere around the early 2000's, popping up everywhere from beaches to gardens.

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7 Wireless Trends

By Kristy M Lopez

big sales

I remember the days when wireless was about free phones, basic phones, just talking, and about getting wireless service based on what worked where you lived. These were the days where texting was unheard of - consumers just wanted to pick the phone up and actually make a phone call. These were also the days where people didn't want to access the internet via cell phone; and social networking wasn't even a thought in people's minds yet. Marketing consisted of networking physically, making phone calls, and sending emails (via an actual computer, not by cell phone).

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