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7 Steps To Keep Your Holiday Tan For Longer


How long does a tan last? Well, not as long as most would like. Fear not, there are a few handy ways to get more air miles out of your holiday glow. Here are seven of the best ways to make a tan last longer.

What To Do When You Realise Your Nose Hair Needs Attention


Nobody likes to admit that they need one, but nose hair trimmers do a fine job of keeping your nasal forest in check. This is what to look for when you realise you need one and the best brands that make them.

The Best New Menswear Pieces To Buy Right Now


The finest menswear items on the web this week from brands such as Theory, Seiko, Wrangler, Champion, Engineered Garments, Mango Man and River Island

The Best-Dressed Men Of The Week


This week's best dressed men include Pharrell Williams, Luka Sabbat, Guy Pierce, Cole Sprouse and Victor Cruz

7 Ways To Wear Camo, The Menswear Trend Hidden In Plain Sight


Wearing camouflage can feel like a minefield. Here we guide your through wearing men?s camo with military precision.

Why Elvis Presley Is Your New (Old) Style Icon


Elvis Presley's fashion may be better remembered for his sparkly jumpsuits, but the King's early style in the 1950s was truly something to behold. Cuban collar shirts, pleated trousers and penny loafers - he had it all. Here's why Elvis should be your current style icon

The Stylish Man?s Guide To Every Style Of Watch Strap


Swapping out your watch strap can transform the look and feel of a watch, but with numerous options available where should you begin? From NATO to metal, rubber to mesh, here's everything you need to know about every style of watch strap.

It?s Time To Give Hair Gel Another Chance


Modern hair gels are far from the plastic-scented glue you used as a youngster. In fact, hair gel may be the best product for slicked back, pompadour styles. Here are the best money can buy

Why A Sweatshirt Is Your Wardrobe?s Secret Weapon


Sweatshirts are the versatile, comfortable team player in your wardrobe that looks good with almost everything in your wardrobe. Whether your preference is clean athleisure or loud sportswear, these are the best styles you can buy today

The Only Ingredient You Need To Take Your Workout Up A Gear


Whey protein powder is useful because it is thought to increase muscle mass after a workout. But the science doesn't stop there. To clear up confusion, here is the ultimate expert guide.

9 Taboo Menswear Pieces You Can Actually Wear


The fashion industry is extremely circular, and once ridiculed items are now consider on-trend again. These are the items you should regret ejecting from your wardrobe - and swiftly replace.

15 Reasons Why Jeff Goldblum Is The Best-Dressed Dandy In Hollywood


Jeff Goldblum is one of Hollywood's most beloved characters, an actor and man with a unique style and attitude to life you can't help but admire. Leather jackets, polo shirts and flashy brogues - here we try to piece together what makes the Jurassic Park stars fashion choices so effortlessly mesmerising.

The White Jeans That Will Make You Look Like A Total Badass


The best white jeans all have something in common - they're cut slim, finished simple and sit underneath everything from a sports jacket to a sweatshirt. Here's everything you need to know about buying the right pair.

11 Reasons Why The White Sneaker Trend Isn?t Going Anywhere


White sneakers have ruled the fashion footwear game for several years now, with no sign of letting up. Here's a complete guide to where they came from, how to wear them and the best brands to buy from.

Alex Turner?s Best Hairstyles: 6 Ways To Look Like A Rock Star


One of the best-dressed rock stars of the modern age, Alex Turner is a style chameleon in both the wardrobe and the hair department. Here are his best hairstyles, from rockabilly quiff to shaved head